Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the floor coating product only adhere to concrete?

A: No, it will adhere to wood and metal as well.

Q: How long before I can walk on my new garage floor?

A: You can walk on your new garage floor in as little as 2 hours.

Q: How long before I can drive on my new garage floor?

A: You can drive on your new garage floor within 24 hours.

Q: What is the warranty on a Garage Floor Outfitters floor?

A: Our standard residential warranty has a limited lifetime warranty. Call us
for further details at (952) 908-9888.

Q: How expensive are your polyaspartic polyurea garage floor coatings?

A: We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. When you factor in
the added life of your concrete garage floor, you’ll find the floor easily pays for itself and adds
value to your home.

Q: How do I clean my new polyaspartic polyurea garage floor?

A: Simply use hot water and a squeegee. For stubborn stains use Simple Green
and a brush.

Q: Will dripping fluids from my car damage the floor?

A: Slide-Lok garage floor coatings are impervious to most chemicals. They are
industrially manufactured to last a lifetime.

Q: Will my new garage floor be slippery?

A: Garage Floor Outfitters offers a variety of anti-slip additives we can
customize to your needs.

Q: Why are polyaspartic polyurea floors better than epoxy floors?

A: Unlike epoxy floors, polyaspartic polyurea floors can be installed in one
day any at any time of the year. Polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings are four times stronger and
offer an unmatched warranty.

Q: How does a polyaspartic polyurea floor bond with the concrete?

A: Polyaspartic polyurea floor bond actually absorbs into your concrete floor
vs. epoxy that just sits on top of your floor.

Q: Can Garage Floor Outfitters remove my failing epoxy garage floor?

A: Yes! We have successfully removed tired epoxy floors and replaced them with
a longer lasting polyaspartic polyurea floor coating.

Q: Does Garage Floor Outfitters install garage cabinets?

A: Yes! We install the industry’s premier plywood cabinets manufactured by
Slide-Lok. Slide-Lok cabinets come with a lifetime warranty.

Q: Are you able to coat stem walls and stairs?

A: Yes we can coat both for an extra charge.

Q: How do you prep the floor before putting down the floor coating?

A: We use a commercial diamond grinder that is attached to a vacuum system to
help keep dust to a minimum.

Q: Does Garage Outfitters give free in home estimates?

A: Yes. All you have to do is contact us via phone or email to set up an
in-home appointment.

Q: Is the polyaspartic polyurea garage floor coating safe around food?

A: Yes! It actually is mold resistant making it safe for restaurant kitchens,
hospitals, grocery stores, freezers, animal boarding facilities, public restrooms and schools.

Q: Are you able to repair large cracks and spalling in my floor?

A: Yes! First we take a hammer drill to break away any loose concrete then
fill the cracks with crack filler which dries in minutes then sand it smooth.

Q: Is Slide-Lok’s floor coating environmentally safe?

A: Yes! It is environmentally safe and virtually odorless (No Voc’s).
Slide-Lok floor coatings are also approved by the USDA, FDA, & FSIS. All of our products are

Q: Can the polyaspartic polyurea floor coating be used outside on my decks and

A: Yes! Unlike epoxy coatings, polyaspartic polyurea coatings are UV stable,
weatherproof, and waterproof. Our floor coating products will not yellow or fade over time like
epoxy coatings.

Q: Can the polyaspartic polyurea floor be repaired?

A: Yes, in most cases the repairs can be performed in just minutes. Garage
Outfitters also offers maintenance on the floors. By sanding the top coat of your existing
polyaspartic polyurea floor, we are able to apply another clear coat enhancing the beauty of your

Q: What is the biggest difference between GFO and your competitors?

A: Simply put we use 80% Polyaspartic product for each coat of our 3 coat
process. Other companies may use a hybrid, epoxy or polymer product on one or more coats of their
system to cut costs. The end result is an inferior floor in comparison. Make sure you ask how many
coats do you put down and are they ALL Polyaspartic?

Q: How many coats of the polyaspartic polyurea does Garage Floor Outfitters

A: That is a great question and one you need to confirm that the installer is
using the same product from the prime coat to the top coat. We use a three coat process in which all
three coats are polyaspartic polyurea. A few of our competitors cheat and use an
epoxy or hybrid on the first prime coat to save money. This will lead to a shorter life of your

Q: How long has Slide-Lok been manufacturing flooring and cabinets?

A: Slide-Lok has been in business since the late 1970’s, pioneering as an
innovator in the garage flooring and cabinet industry.

Q: Are Side-Lok cabinets made out of particle board?

A: No. Slide-Lok uses quality plywood “not particle” board that will deliver a
lifetime of service and durability that particle board and plastic will not.

Q: Do Slide-Lok cabinets use dovetail construction?

A: Slide-Lok uses their patented dovetail construction to ensure your cabinets
assemble smoothly. The dovetail design also ensures the ultimate in durability and strength.

Q: What materials are Slide-Lok cabinet doors made of?

A: The doors are heat thermo fused and come with six point adjustable hinges.
Remember, Slide-Lok cabinets come with a lifetime warranty.

Q: Does Garage Floor Outfitters offer overhead storage?

A: Yes, we offer Strong Racks overhead storage which is a very cost effective
way to remove your garage floor clutter.

Q: Does Garage Floor Outfitters offer slat-wall and accessories?

A: We offer a full range of, colors and slat-wall accessories.

Q: Does Garage Floor Outfitters offer a metal storage chest?

A: Yes, and it is the perfect garage accessory. It features 18-gauge steel,
double walled and welded and a lifetime warranty.

Q: Do you use acid etching to prepare the cement floor?

A: No! Acid etching will actually shorten the life of your floor by eating
away the lime in your concrete. This process also uses a lot of water that ends up in storm sewers
damaging the environment.

Q: How thick are your garage floor coatings?

A: 25-30 Mil

The professionalism of your crew was appreciated. Our experience with Garage floor Outfitters was second to none. Our new floor looks great!
Todd & Kelly – Maple Grove, MN

Garage Floor Outfitters is proud to be the area’s premier dealer of Slide-Lok polyaspartic floor coatings, garage interiors and storage solutions. In fact, more than just a great answer to many garage-related problems, Slide-Lok products are ideally suited to improve any workroom, laundry room, hobby room, utility room, basement, closet, office storage area, and auxiliary or multi-purpose area.

At Garage Floor Outfitters, we’re equipped and ready to transform your garage into a new, more functional space with features like our Slide-Lok polyaspartic floor coatings. Call us today at 952-908-9888 for a free estimate, and find out how easy and affordable a brand new garage interior can be.